Monday, March 17

Pray For MH370


please and please dearest friends. lets not just saying but do pray everyday.
this phenomena truly out of mind, but yes.Kun faya kun.. 'Be, And it is'
spekulasi yang mengelirukan dan kenyataan yang sememangnya bersifat selfish sangat2 kejam. can all this people just shut up and be positive. 
everyday, every hour ,every minute semua family members of passengers and cabin crew were counting,crying and hoping. Cuba letak diri kita pada situasi mereka. Masyallah, fikirkan. don't be mean.

My illustration showed my feeling thru this phenomena.Only one hope,Please come back.

thank you and may Allah bless every person that get involved in the search MH370. 

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Muhammad Taufiq said...

Hye, I'm a new blogger :) Salam perkenalan, Kalau tak keberatan jemput singgah dan follow blog saya :)