Saturday, June 29

something at the door.

Oh i love sketches doodling lately,
doodling on paper without any planning things really awesome feeling.Just grab some Artline pens and a piece of paper.Start sketches what on your mind. Looked around what inspire you, then add on as your design.For me i'd love quotes and saying and absolutely it gonna be my inspiration.hehe.
what i'm babbling about (=,=)
But hey! this is my new hobby so please respect sikit.haha.

 proudly put at office door.

a half and hour later. 

*sabar jelah.


cci said...

wah... cun seyhh... ^_^

Invisible Me said...

Best la pandai mendoodle.
Ni pandai lukis orang lidi ja. Huhu

Myra Abdullah said...

cci : ^-^

Myra Abdullah said...

Invisible me : huhu,just lucky try je ni.hee