Monday, June 10

Mind opener.


Salam warga-warga bloggers.
*huh,terasa awkward tetibe.

today,i learn something precious.About relationship.
Honestly,i takes a long pause when people or strangers asked me about 'relationship'and status.I often to say,'singlemingle' or 'milik mak ayah saya lah' hahaha.
yeah,umur dah masuk zaman 20 an kan.Orang sibuk jer tanya 'bile lagi'...*faham-faham sendiri laa kan..
Okay back to the topic,
This conversation accidentally happen when my driving teacher trying to start a topic about myself.Ala,macam biasa lah soalan orang baru nak kenal kan..'tinggal kat mane?...and so on laahhh..
then,'dah ade boyfriend?' *glurrrppp.
aku : 't.i.a.d.a'
sekali cikgu aku tu pecah gelak.macam-macam lah die assume aku.*demand laa..*pandang hartalah *pernah putus cinta lah..* Jual mahal lah.. ('=.=) And i just like..its that to obvious?aku ini ada ciri-ciri wanita yang demand bagai tu ke?.
part die kata aku jual mahal tu,aku trylah buat lawak dengan tiru dialog dalam cerita gile-gile pengantin remaja yang berbunyi begini 'Mestilah kene jual mahal,nak jual murah tunggu megasale laa yee'
Suddenly,my driving teacher turn to be my love teacher pulak.heeehh~
He said,just share with me why are you still in 'that' (single) status? and i dunno why,he just act like my eldest brother who willing to give life advice.
I'm trying describe my situation to him.I know A n B at IPTA. Both was my friend.Both was a good man.Badly, i fall in love to A and B was in love with me.The B,trying to get my heart.While my heart is already taken by A.The A, person who makes me comfort and warm when i talk and see his face.He's always makes me want to be a better women and i wants be his woman.My relationship with A still no answer while the B insist to make me his girl. *gigit bibir.
My teacher act like a psychologist who's trying to listen his patient problem with angguk-angguk.
he asked me,did you give B a chances and how about yourself ?
i'm-i'm..almost in many times.but i thinks B's not realize or he just take for granted.huh~i'm trying to accept him..but i can't.He just can be my friend.that all.

i started with ask my teacher,If a man willing to wait you for many years. Did he really a loyal/faithful man?
Okay,myra. My teacher start to lecture me about the means of faithful.

Faithful its can't be labelled as a long-term relationship but its actually a sacrifice.Sacrifice in everything.The partner accept each other without any compromise.You gotta learn this myra, when you already marry to somebody.

*Okay.Now i don't feel likeeee iiiiiin driving classssss..haha

If A really love you back,he certainly will fight for you.If he's surrender without any fight.You got to forget him and If B was really love you,he will let you go for sake your happiness.
If you feel A and B was not worthy for you.Cut it off.Tell the truth to them.
Insyallah,Allah will give you 'somebody'.Just pray and ask a guides.

such a mind opener.

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