Friday, May 10

Fashion Photography : Bad Princess

Salam and good night.

This going to be my next fashion photography project. i'd been craving for this project since last year,but still something disturbing me.But now,i'm gonna do this and make it come true.

the picture below inspired me, such as the gown.More looks like gothic princess right? yup.Also the emotion in this picture really attract me.Oh i need to find somebody to be my model..

to the make up things,i'd googling about how a bad princess look.Of course their gonna look 'BAD' right?*Ouchhhh ape daa..
For me,i'd love the make up look mystery but there's still has the beauty.
And picture below attract me.

alright,that all for my project review.Hopefully everything was happen as plan.



iela_kylla said...

hai.. i do have follow u back.. btw, nice pictures to be please with..heee sincerely,

Myra Abdullah said...

hehe.thanks =D

TeTo YakSa said...

Gmbr 1st cantik... hohohoohohoh.. i like !! argh!! hahaha

Myra Abdullah said...


Myra Abdullah said...
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