Saturday, August 25

Fruit garden, huh?

Salam y'all =D

'hai indahnya sungguh dihari raya,ramainya orang bersuka riaaa' chewaaah bersenadung lagu raya pulak.hehe.

Eid celebration was the fabulous moment i had,this time everyone is here ( families ). Have not? when you got back hometown and find out that your cousins already get delivery one handsome baby whereas when did she got pregnant? hehe.Have not you?? that happened to me when i got back my village ^-^
No matter lah,as long everyone happy cause there's gonna be additional members in my families =D
This time, i visited my relatives at Tunjang, Alor Setar.Love the scenes there,along way to mak jang fuziah house our eyes treated with rubber plantation. Suddenly its reminds me at my study trip at mangrove forest,my lecturer said 'this is vertical landscape that came naturally for our inspiration' . hurmm..

pictures at rubber classic! haha
this is a way to pomelo (limau bali) grove.So fruity! even in my baju kurung too.hehe 

my favorite furrrr!!!

The next visit is Maklang naemah house, The place where all the family members makes gathering. This is makes me more missed them.can you imagine when all matured people talking about their job and buzzzzinesttttt like beeeee..not only that,when its comes to Joke.their can makes any topic be the joke even the way my aunts served us with Ribena.haha * kelas kauu mak jah!! remember the ads ? imagine a big man talk like that! hahahaaaa *gelak guling-guling laa citernye.hehe  i'll totally get ready not to laughed cause i'm worry i'm going  get stomach pain like the past years.hehe 

with my cousins abg muzakir,engineer to be.haha.he's rushed to somewhere but still get a little conversation with him.Time past around,still remember 2 years later we're talking about auto cad software.*Long conversation..hehe.Next picture,anis and kak sue..bergossip sambil makan nugget.haha.Finally, with little shy danish and a half mummy picture (oppss sorry kak ina.hehe)

till,next post!


awek retro said...

cantik jugakkan corak buah2an tue....

Myra Abdullah said...

hehe..comelkan,tuuu myra suke =D

My style,my life and my soul said...

Cantik banget subhanallah.. Nice :)


Myra Abdullah said...

oh thanks dear =D

Suzie Yusof Mohamed said...

bajunye cantik, lagi. jeles la caneh :DD

Myra Abdullah said...

hehe biase jee laa.
tak mo jeles2 suzie bj awk lg cun!


IFA Athirah said...

bju kurung design sndiri ke?coool

Myra Abdullah said...

ifa : yup,this raya semua bju raye design n jahit sendiri =D

tq =)

syakey said...

fuhhh berani mati pakai macam ni :D tapi comel!

Myra Abdullah said...

syakey : nape?beraye kan..
nape nk takut?huhuu