Saturday, July 7


Assalamualaikum everyone !!

may you'll always in barakah =)

get missed with this blog world was a things that i can avoid everydays.haha.ermmm..can i hugs you sweet heart =D *pls: i'm sorry if i'd bit meroyan here.hihihi.

a week before my practical day start, i'd have some part time job and i love it. Meet a customer and talks..some simple conversation about their desire and i'll sketch up at the same time.hehe.well,not all customer desire is gonna be the same kan? but with this part time job i have learn a lots of things about customer behavior and perhaps i thinks i need to make more revision on new weddings style.haha.
dah lame tak beli magazine citernye. Asyik dok borrow orang punye jee..hehe

list down what their want,the pattern style,the design style/theme,colors,ideas...inspiration..and knowledge.
alhamdulilah i'm still practice ape yang lecturers teach kat college =)
and start to sketch up,coloring,rendering..and final touch up.Done! haiih bile tengok art work its finish with a lots of effort..too overwhelmed kan.
before meets a customer i have a lots of expectation..and to many things disturb my mind.

'what if she don't like? what if...what if...what if .....................and can you do that?'

by then, i just think positive and be confident..and one more things that give me strength..its..

Pray to Allah SWT.
asks for forgive and bless.

Alhamdulilah. =D

start practical life at Molec boutique with 2 other friends.Its Kak fara and sha.thank god their fun and hyperactive so i'm too lonely and feel scared.hihi..

insyallah,setiap kesusahan pasti ade hikmahnye.(baik)

hey!! korang pergi tak pesta bunga kat Putrajaya =)
floria festival 2012.seriously its fun and BEAUTIFUL.

a pictures means a lots of words kan =)

a way to putrajaya.this little Ebby lolipop finally finish by me.hehe

now,i can see how Allah swt give me the 'HIKMAH' =)
keletah this little girl make me happy and loss all the stresrisms.heee

meets Alvin and Gucci.our new members =) 
see gucci buat muke comell.hehe

thanks for reading and visit here people =)


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

pics are so cute.

best of luck for everything.

miszlalieto myra said...

thanks izdiher =)

вʋввℓɛ ρσρƨ said...

cantik gambar tu ;) hana suke la

cynta ieda said...

cuteeee.... mari join sini dear..banyak hadiah menarik..

miszlalieto myra said...

thanks hana ;)

hey cynta ieda,thanks too dear =)