Thursday, June 21

Its not crime to feel beautiful =)

Its great to feel beautiful,right?

hehe..but janganlah syok sendiri..hihi

okay, what is definition of beauty on you? yeah,everyone has their on definition kan.
some people may say..beautiful is sooo subjective.ermm i'll said i'm agreed with that.
but some people also may say that beautiful is..its a gift. yeah,its maybe true..but nowdays..
beauty can be created..modern technologies,such as Botox and plastic surgery one of them can makes any women and man became like their want. many things to think right about beauty.somehow,its can makes us be so obsesses and MAD.huh! sound scared kan.

ermm,here i wanna share my little experience on my make up workshop i'd joined.
actually,i'm not kind of girl that love make up or easy to say,berhias-hias ni.hehe
i get fall in love with this girly stuff is when get into college.
now,i'm admit that i love being a woman.hehehehe.
my classmates are beautiful.just the way their are..every each of them.
fair skin.beautiful eyelashes.flawless smile.slim.smooth skin.
and the best part their NICE and GOOD person.

so,i wouldn't believe anymore that beautiful woman is a monster and evil.haha

their love to share some tips and product that can be trusted and works effectively.
oowh now,i get missed them much :'/

back to my make up workshop.
many things i had learn..from basic make up till bridal make up.the best part that i'm hyper excited to do is effect make up and fantasy make up.its soo hilarious and fantastic moment.
Red glow Academy had organize one beautiful event for us.Thank you so much to all instructors =)

dear girls,
its not crime to feel beautiful.You're mean to be beautiful in yourself..don't feel lose down and not confident.
'sebaik-baik perhiasan didunia adalah Wanita' so girls appreciate yourself. Don't wait till wanna marry baru nak try make up. i'm not asking you for make up everytime or anytime. Its just try some basic make up..learn it from someone or you can try it on at youtube.
when a girls start making up her face,she's actually trying to discipline herself to be confident and perfect.
eventhough,nobody perfect in this world. you can make your day perfect kan.=D

this some photos,take look people =)


effect make up.scary ha? my advice to those who wants scared your boyfriend.try makes this.haha.comfirm lari boyfriend you all.hehe

kak farah.habes muka anda sy rosakkan..hehe right side effect make up and left side is fantasy make up.

HD make up.Thanks nais for your magic touch.hehe.i love it =)
HD make up usually for television scene,its not to heavy but yet still can covered your skin blemish.hehe. For this make up session, cikgu kiss asked Ezian (MAC make up artist ) to make some touch like Beyonce skin which tan-tan gitu.hehe. Sesiape yg have Fair or pale skin you'll should try this make up.its gonna looks good on you.Honestly =D

naz,model for the day.This is bridal make up session, we're had been guided by Ayang Kameel from applying foundation to the end.A lots of tips we get it.Moreover,he's funny and knowledgeable.

last day at hotel =/ worn red glow academy t-shirt and get our certificate.

before heading back to home, singgah jap at Cuna one of my classmates house.She's engaged =)
see,this little Ezzy.Cute kan =) rindu dah kt encem boy ni =)


that all peeps.
its just my opinion. i'm here for sharing.
wrong and mistakes.forgive me yea.
thanks =)


Rara Nasiha said...

sangat scary la make up macam tu. tak tidur malam tengok. hihi

myra abdullah said...

hehe.scary kan. but its fun dear =D

IFA Athirah said...

whoaaaa.ngeri sgt tu!!pngsan tgk muka sndiri lau make up cmtu.haha

ஜ miss klanika ஜ said...

beauty is the art of life. every single woman has their right to feel beautiful (:

Annisa mulia said...

So cool :D

myra abdullah said...

IFA Athirah : hehe mmg ngeri.time make up mmg tanak tngok cermin.scarryyy.hehehe

myra abdullah said...

ஜ miss klanika ஜ :yup.that true =)
Annisa mulia :hehe.thanks =)

Norain Yusoff said...

wah..tanteknye makeup HD..

Myra Abdullah said...

hehe.kan..kan..feveret laa HD make up.