Saturday, June 2

the FRIDAY dear.

Its friday,and i try to steal sometime just for joins crazy birthday party my best friend.
as their know that i'm so busy with my final exam and course exhibition.Its was so unplanned, everything happened just with some texts message from my friends. And i'm really happy cause its took a many years we're not celebrate Elly birthday party since our form 5. huhuu~~ so pathetic right?
kononnye so busy with our continuing study.haha.
whatever it is,we're still remembered to wish 'happy birthday' and pray for everyone.
More surprised is when Ruby willing to come here from pahang. And that was the big surprised and unexpected for elly.hehe.Everyone must have,right elly.hehe.
You know what? i had lied to elly that i wants make a outdoor photoshoot with her at uptown.Well,actually its just a trick for bring her to the birthday place which is at Bintang Karaoke. Faiey, Ruby and anis had booked 1 medium room and get ready .Actually i'm not kind of teror menipu infront elly ni..cause she's really alert with me and others behavior. Before i'll started the drama's to elly,ruby and faiey had remind me one thing.Don't act to happy.hehe.why?nanti kantoi.hehe i don't know why ,maybe the excitement feeling in me too prominent and sparkling kot.haha.bila muke happy ala-ala glowing gitu kot.hehe
With no script i'd make a drama's dialog,until get brings elly to the place.when we're arrived to the door's, ruby started sing 'happy birthday song' and followed by us. hehe.Elly sooo surprised and laughed so much till jump around us.haha THAT SO HER.

Okay there you go our birthday girl.

Elly and MochaChocolaate fondant cake with macrons instead.huh! must get before to late.hehe

this is our 'berkasih sayang'.hehe.

Eats and dancing..its been a years we're not dance and sing together.its has been so long since we last went sing together. Perhaps, the last day of our choir session at high school. The memoirs and time past remind me how's happy we're when get sung and dance.Now, too 'keras' for dancing and need to practice Do re mi fa so laaaa...again.hehe

having a day like this, refreshing me from stuck up with the assignments.i'm so blast have my FFL and BBF .haha. see,how crazy the birthday girl when she meet chocolate.

heading back, while waiting elly's future beyonce Reno to pick up her.

that all,next post Elly E-day =)


Nur Asmida Bt Karim said...

Assalamualaikum , sya singgah baca entry anda .
Jemput join GA nie , hadiah tudung bawal crown :)

myra abdullah said...

Nur Asmida Bt Karim : hey,thanks for dropped by =)