Saturday, June 9

Fashion Talk 2012

Last Thursday,my college had organizes one big event for us 'final semester fashion student' with industry collaboration. Its quiet stressful and tired week,cause we need to attend final exam in same time needs to settle up every artwork for our display corner. Alhamdulilah,thank you Allah cause have give me strength and way in order to finish up this semester. When it comes the day we'all needs to set up the props, i felt so lost and bluuurr..cause i can't image my display corner and all the props equipments. At that time, i wanna cry and run from everyone cause they'll had start and get busy while i'm just standing there and pensive.Somehow, i had realize, i'd wasting time.Quickly, back home.get some rest and borrow all the item that i think maybe can be use in my house.haha.huh,so tired..instead of that,my lecturer pulaaaa..keep remind me about our booklet and banner.Aiiyyooo..if i can duplicate myself,i'll make 3 person.One go help printing the booklet,another one go take a banner at Unikop and the last one..pleaseee..belikan myra lunch-dinner.(i'm so hungry).huhu.
Alhamdulilah,before 9 pm we'all done set up the corner. And go back with tiring smiling.hehehe.

THE DAY, nervous instead of happy.Perhaps sad..this our last semester.
hurmm..lets picture speaks for me yea.

in the room council,hehe..while waiting the guest.
back to our display corner place.Love this picture.*nervous time,cause all the guest will come around.
fina with her yellow zebrasss..hehe

powerpuff girl.hehe.nais,sha and yana
jun,fiza and musi

3 dresses own by Tkahani,Syira and zue.

shan,ummu and eyka corner.

from above kak farah and lia.Below, mimie and aida corner.

mak (zati) and lisa corner.
ibu,ateen,tijah and dira corner.

at naz and jijah corner.haha.suke lepak sini cause too colorful ;-)

 haha.ingat nak bahagia kejap..rupenye ade lagi guest yg tak ushar corner kiteorg.kueeeng-kuuuuweeenggg.
kak tasha corner..hehe..tengok muke pengantin baru.ala-ala glowing gitu.hehe

kacau kak tasya tengah 3G ngn hubby die.hehe
kegedikkkkssss kan melanda.haha

hehe.fie punye corner..tumpang lalu..

nope motifff =) hehe

are you wondering where's my corner?hehe
keep read my entry..
next entry i'll post my corner and the artwork =)
see you soon bloggerisms.


Eryn Edrina said...

wow~ interesting sayang!

myra abdullah said...

hehe.really interesting =)

bella lim said...

waaa cambest je. I do have interest in fashion and creative field since I was a kid. but my parents suruh jadi engineer and study science field.. hmm. sobs! makesure you update all your coursework kay cause Im gonna be here more often!

myra abdullah said...

hehe..same goes to me bella.
at the 1st my parents ask me to study in architecture. but i can't further it. and i'm takes a risk with get into something i wanted most.hihi.
thanks god.its work.
insyaallah..i'll shared =)

Anonymous said...

miss this moment ^_^

Anonymous said...

miss this moment ^_^