Monday, June 18

A farewell wishes.

this our farewell party for our last day in college,
to shows my deep feelings..
There's some quotes for them and our moments.

Naz, a best friend who we can count on.Thanks babe =)

a simple recipe and a simple foods. Isi perut while waits a heavy meals.

our beloved lecturers..this candid picture.Yet their still look stunning.haha

someone that always cheer up the days..our days in colleges.

my classmates is my best friends.every one of them is lovely , i'll never get them in another life.insyallah i'll never forget and always pray for them in every my prayers.

this window gonna miss this hyperactive dolly.hehe

everyone is here =D

we're planned to worn skirt that days,as usual we're like to looks similarities but still in our styles.that makes our relation getting more strongest day by day.

nothing much to say,we're happy had this moments.

never say goodbye to a good friends..
my best friends..
thanks for always be there for me..
throughout our happy and sad times.
i'll always missed each one of you 
our moments.

myra abdullah 


AlyzaFisol said...

everyone looks so beautiful... (^_^)

myra abdullah said...

hehe,thanks dear =)