Sunday, June 3

Elly & Reno : Engagement day

Time goes down as we're still in 1st day of our secondary school. Knowing Elly from darjah 1 till now, i'd never thought that we're has growing up so fast. A little girl that has a happy face everyday i met her.Now i can see she has grow up so much,the next day later..she will become someone own.
A happy feeling instead of sad, everyone is going to another chapter.  
Pure classic theme for the day,Gold,yellow and dark brown is perfect colors. Want to looks classical and memorial like a Indo-Malay girl in a special day is the rarely choices.Nowdays, a modern women will prefer to look more princess with English style or perhaps just 'biase-biase'. But not for Elly for her engagement day, but i'm not so sure for her wedding day later.hehe.Every girl wants to be a princess, right?
To me, the way she looks for the day..very-very pretty and out of usual.Furthermore, we're never thought that naz has a talent to be Makeup artist and hairstylist.hehe.just look the magic touch from naz.Quiet impress kan. (^-^)

the 'hantaran' from Elly to Reno..

Cupcakes from Ninie Cupcakes. its so adorable delicious (opps,we had try it 1st ) and fragrant.

yellooooooooooooooo =)

soon to..........ties the knot.hehehe.

 see,the roses look good on us too..hehe
A kiss from your BBF =))

Gonna miss this day.
everyone =)




LaLa mhdnor said...

thaniah awak :)
semoga kekal...

myra abdullah said...

LaLa mhdnor: hehe.babe,that not my engagement lorr..its elly my bff =D
anyway.hope so akan kekal.

NALIN PUTERI : thanks =)