Saturday, April 28

Playing with the Wall

After many month,we're not meet each other..
and then we're decide to hanging out to one place.
Hanging out with siblings, sometimes..
its happy hour.
talking,gossiping...haha. *itulah saje kerja orang perempuan membuang masa.

you know what?
hehe,at here Kenanga Wholesale Mall. you can find a lots of beautiful clothes,shoe and anything about garments in reasonable price. and My Mum had got her 'dream caftan' after a few month she finds.hehe.and my cousin pulak..mcm-mcm die nak beli..hehehe
but the sad things is..all the stuff is sold in wholesale only.but still have a few shop that sold in pieces. for who's want finding a supplier for their'all can try find out here.
jangan nanti plan nak beli barang untuk business , terbeli untuk diri-sendiri pula.hehe

somehow..we meet this beautiful wall on  Kenanga wholesale Mall.

eh,pehal minah ni?haha.

macam nak melekat je kat wall tu.hihi 
anis mengatai sat ngan rabbit tu.hehe

 that all,
have a nice day friends =D


♔Lady Ainaa♔ said...

cantiknyewww wall tu...teruja tgok corak2 wall tu....

Hav fun u too dear

myra abdullah said...

hehe,mmg teruja.

hidaya shamsudin said...

Nice walls.

myra abdullah said...