Sunday, April 15

Leisure Time

lets find a day's that you can make it as a leisure time and feel appreciated.
Just be yourself..spending time by doing your favorite activities neither its looks bored or fun ! Its all YOURS! No want can't steal it. Sometimes when we had this day, our life will feel more meaningful and greats.
For me, i love hanging out with friends or by myself. Delicious foods and beautiful place for me is good enough to makes my day happy =D

one of the best restaurant i liked it is Tutti Fruitti, Delicious frozen yogurt with a lots colorful toppings also comfortable place.

oh yaa. sorry forgot to shared somethings.* ermm maybe its useful for you one day yet.
last weeks, i was spent my day with find last - minute accessories materials. i got some information from my classmates that around Petaling Street. you 'll find one buttons there,a lots of materials for accessories and sewing stuff you'll find out.
i was excited, my 1st visit was really full with surprise. its feel like you have arrived at the doors of buttons worlds~~~ well,its just my over-over terfeeling..haha.
friends, if you want find unique and colorful button around KL. just find here! along with petaling street.