Thursday, April 26

FashionShowcase Spring/Summer2012 KKSY : Part 3

finally,the last post about  my college fashion showcase.Alhamdulilah Yeyeeeyeee aku happy and sad.sobb..sooobbbbbb.Time flies so fast.Sedaq-sedaq dah nak habis semester.huuu
All happened in one time.
Our final project finally..Fashion showcase at Bukit Bintang Plaza.
whatever it is The Moment has been Created by Us 
What is fun that day is..EVERYONE IS HERE together feel the moment.waaaa~~
kalau tak attend rugi laaa..*markah kene potong.haha

Inilahhhh barisan kita...yang ikhlas berjuang....lalallalaaaa  *kawad time.haha. 

this is backstage,before show start..hehe sempat lagi bergambar dengan sunflower tuuuuuuu..Huh! ingatkan dapat sunflower freshhh.sekali hampeh.huhu

 * big claps andddd....hiphip---Hooooreeey!
nasib baik tak jatuh stage,nyaris-nyaris jee..excited sgt dieorg ni =D

pn hanna & pn sheela mesti ADA.

thanks to my lovely mom, the sweet kak note,Ellycat and anis. for comes my 1st FS..huhuu..*cry ni..
for those who's not coming, is okay. Ruby,Nazz!! siap korang, kena  belanja makan yee.hehe

'berdrama" sebentar  sebelum pulang =)

pictures from classmates and family.thanks yaaaa!

to those that comes..
i'm here very glad and appreciated to say 'THANK YOU SO MUCH" for support our big day =DD
and please pray for us. Insyallah someday we'll become the best and successful person. AMIN!

with love,
Myra Abdullah