Thursday, April 19

Behind the Scenes...

                                        Salam Bloggers and friends (*,*)

 Before looking this entry,why not you'all see this previous entry 1st.  Part 1 & Part 2.
here,picture behind the scenes of our fashion showcase.
Actually, our final project bukan this Spring/Summer fashion showcase. its should be happened akhir semester nanti.
But our lecturer, wants us take this opportunity by making spring/summer garment.
Mula-mula tu quiet stressed and geram juga.haha. "yela,design process dah hampir siap. Siap ada yang dah proceed lagi !"
but then, we must changed all the design!! huuuu~~~~~~~~~~~ depressed!
and we're give 2 weeks for making pattern and toile. can you image that in the same time we must settle others 'menimbun assignment'. to many consequences we has to face, ade yang kene rejects laa..itu kene rejects..ini kene rejects..huwwaaaaa!

haha. to many drama's right.hehe.
 Lia and model kilatnya.
 Jijah a.k.a Amoy become our part time model. This Fie collection.
 Mimie so serious memperbetulkan garmentnya =)
There you go! Nais..and her design * sedang di analyse oleh lecturer.
YANA, a designer and part time model .haha.
this tie dye design belong to Musi, and the others is Aida's.
ok,this mine. thanks naz =)

till then,
happy day =D


♔Lady Ainaa♔ said...

wah cxantiknyew the pattern of the dress!!! really like it,..awwwwww... i love fashion...heeeeeeeeeeee

myra abdullah said...

oh ya! =)

mr_right said...

wahh. unik gila design. cool! good job myra:)

Kim said...

So great!