Wednesday, March 21

Fancy Day's

Assalamualaikum Y'all =D

status : Missed my Blog page already..


well hey there Bloggerisms!!
how's your day's???
hopefully full with barakah yeaa =D
Alhamdulilah..till now, Myra still can handle my time,even though i have to admit that this weeks is really tired!
* asal balik kelas jee,katil memanggil..
dear bloggersms please pray for my health so i'll keep healthy and energetic =)

thanks goddess cause my life so far full with supportive person..My families..Best Friends..Classmates and Lecturers. Thank you Allah swt cause given this precious person to make it my life more be valued.

okay-okay sudah cukup sampai disitu.

Tons of photos =D

*finding additional stuff for garment making at Bunga Reben Masjid Jamek..meanwhile, get catchy with this black hat.hehehe
also all colorful things..

mirror-mirror Myra in the wall..

with aida..

with fie fyza.

mom yellow leopard scarf and Anis's coach bag.hihi


cute earings..

gurrllpph...gila baju..


suddenly,meet Mrs Sheela and her best buddy tengah shopping bags gitu.hehe

quiet muncung right =D

Heading back yea =))

 that all friends.
nanti muntah pulak korang tengok to many pictures.hehe

Happy day's yea


Laila Majid said...

gambar with caption gila baju tu saya tawu kat area mane ! hehehe

suke kedai tu sebab vintage sangat :)

myra abdullah said...

hehe..haah sgt vintage.geram tgok bj-bj kt situ.huuu