Sunday, March 18

BreakFast or Supper ?

a very big French bread..its enough for one family members..delicious yet healthy =D

corona pugliese bread & chicken mushroom soup
suitable for breakfast and supper.


hidaya shamsudin said...

Hello Myra,
thank you for always dropping by my blog and commenting.

So sorry I really didn't have time to browse through your posts,but you have a very amazing style,and I like it ;-)

Keep inspiring the ladies out there,ya?

myra abdullah said...

hidaya shamsudin :
hey hidaya,
no bother laa..
hehe..perhaps i love ur blog =D

=) speechless.when someone like u said something like that to me.
insyallah.if everything we're do with full heart its will inspiring to those looked it.

Rtp Farra Arisha said...


myra abdullah said...


myra abdullah said...
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