Saturday, February 18

A surprise Trip.thanks god we're always ready =)

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Happy saturday people.
yea,today nak citer sikit pasal last friday.
actually ade kelas ganti for two class which is take 6 hours to attend.huh! can you imagine for 6 hours we need to hears our lecturer babbling.* siksa..
haha.well that my expecting..thanks god.we just hear about 30 minute our lecturer babbling and briefing,then she said we're going to Malaysian Technology Expo at PWTC.
in my heart ""YAAAY!! jalan-jalan laaaa"" hihihi.
i can see a face of thankful and lega from my classmates.

less talk more picture =)

Ok,this is Boungainvilla Juice and tea,FRIM made.soon to market =) Honestly both is delicious and have a lot 
of "khasiat gitu"

 and for sure we're visited booth Politeknik JB *sorry i cant remember the poli name..shame on me.huh. 
 this costume attracted us,which is have element futuristic and technology. have you thinking that below of dress is made by TENT(khemah). =) =P

Portrait with the minister =) 
ohh,do i looks good with Tun Hussien Onn Or Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. =D

    History of Malaysia,its great to see and feel it.=)

finally we're get tired and wait for bus and lecturer.
that all readers =)


Teenager Housemaid said...

wah gambar last tu lawa ar..
kaler diru purple hehe

Anonymous said...


myra abdullah said...

Teenager Housemaid : hehe,thanks..
yup ade biru,purple and pink =)

Myra Abdullah said...

anon : hehe mmg aawesome =D