Friday, February 17

Pressure in mood

salam readers,
i'm missed this blog so much-much =D this past weeks really give me a lots of pressure but yet still happy.
Happy with all around me,family, friends, colleagues and ASSIGNMENTs! *merungut ni.
dengan cuaca yang tak menentu ini,Flu menyerang tanpa rasa kesian but alhamdulilah i'm a strong girl.hihi.
Good news is =) class is canceled and we're filled with TIDOQ, haha. Assignment di anak tirikan. but then, when came submit-ion days..Zombie Return.
Talks about classes this semester and of course last favourite class is Fashion Design. My heart is there. I dunno why when is comes,i'll do it with full heart..but it doesn't means that others classes myra tak suke.
Suke jugak but more to this class laa..hee.

even though, sometimes its hard to explain what i'm going to design. Yeaa,i'm agreed when someone says..Sometimes nobody can't understand Our designs/art cause we're the creator,its just our deals with art.
seeing my classmates struggling doing sketches,i'm wondering where their heart goes..their face,action looks like in pressure. Sometimes, bernanah juga telinga mendengar rungutan but then,i thinks this is how their release the pressure and i'm as a listener..i'll need to Patience and trying to encourage them. * but friends,i'm also human. Please put your effort but not babbling only.BE POSITIVE dears.

dears,biarlah 'people' nak cakap macam-macam about your life..or about anything..walaupun orang yang bercakap itu adalah yang rapat dan terdekat dengan kita. Just Ignore..follow your heart but not follow people minds. "People never STOP TALKING " eventhough, ada yang cemburu and it hurt. Lets pray to Allah swt so we'll get a lot of stronger and bless.

sambil design,memang best layan Hazelnut & krismis cookies,melting in my mouth.Give from mum friends *delicious.mum please,i want more..hihihi
ok,ni kat studio.saje nk posing..hihi.with my favorite chocolate bj kurung moden.

aida and her silly pose =D

Marc Jacobs bags

to many pictures to shared.haha

Masterchef jury...korang mesti knl an..hihihi

All pictures happened on my college event.

keep reading and watching yea.tq =)


NurulizzaH said...

ohh kite suke fashion design!


never ever has chance to learn it


myra abdullah said...

hey dear, dont say that..still had a chance laa..
learning is never limited,it just need a effort to come true.insyallah =D