Thursday, December 15


This morning,watched Oprah's Lifeclass which one of her reality show.To me,this show give me a lot of encourage in life especially this morning topic.BULLIED. korang jangan cakap tak tahu apa itu BULI?? *memang nak kena masuk kelas displin laah ni.hukhuk. this is the reality that happened nowdays and surrounding us.The reality that sometimes i didn't want to accept and admit it! cause this really pain and hurting me.Everyone each have personal space but why this bullies trying to suck it. This topic had remind me into my school life,the reality that i had be a victim with this BULLIED! its hard for me to admit here,but i think i'd should shared my experience even though it was hard.
Their using stringency by trying to broken my properties and scolded me with bad words.Not only that,their also used talent in vandalisms at my study desk.Every time i walk into classes their'll stared at me and laughed just like their owned the room.*ade rase macam ugly betty pon ade time tuh.Some of them,trying be nice with me inside pretending like she's don't have ideas who's make all this to me.*inilah namenye backstabber!
Korang must be wondering right,why i'm not going to return or revenge to them.
i'll always bare in my mind,that Allah swt always with me no matter where i am. And that why,i'd trying be patience and be positive in every hard situation them makes.
i'm try told the teachers but its not worked at all.Their will said "ignored" or "nothings gonna happens".Honestly,i'm suck with that word! their not in my situation. As usual,i'm pretend like nothings happens and reacted like the same me.*smile and be nice.
But i'm thankful cause had given a really caring besties at hostel and class.Understanding and support me all the time.Tidak membalas tidak semestinya aku penakut or coward! i'm just waited the right time.
In the main time,i'll keep improved myself in front them and be stay!  *Hati Kering,maybe sebab tuh dieorg geram dengan aku kot!

 when that time comes, don't reply but stay calm. 

Pendekatan Psychology yang aku guna adalah,makes them feel guilty what had them done. This is the way i'm handle the bullied.but nasib bukan semuanya sama.

Enoughlah,malas nak cerita apa jadi kat dieorang.hihi

just my advices,if you're in this situation
Handle it with the best way.if you thinks that learn martial art will defending yourself (go ahead).
if you thinks,with showed to them you're not scared or coward (go ahead).
if you're thinks,by be patience and ignored was the best way (go ahead).
whatever it is make sure you're not hurting yourselves and makes your self-confidence become weakens.

from Oprah's Lifeclass shows,
>To express our feeling to bullies we can use our body language.Such as Yelling and tell them the truth!
but sometimes this can't worked. This bullies is getting cap the climax if their dignity had challenged by the victim.
>Everyone around that saw this bullied , their should act with helping the victim.NOT just saw and be quiet.
this is totally agree! cause this community issues should everyone involved too.Yeaah,maybe their scared to hurt.let see if the victim was your siblings or families? are you going to see and quiet that that time? ask yourself!
>Positive influence from best friends one of the best way to helping.
agree,but sometimes the best friend also had bullied.that way,neither you're best friend or just friend. HELP the victim!

 Kids that have bullied was a good kids,their don't want to disappointing the parents by not telling their had bullied cause can't protecting themselves.

eh,muke cam britney spears jerr..jeng-jeng..

Happy reading people,Yang baik itu datang dari ALLAH SWT,Yang buruk itu datang dari kelemahan diri saya. (^-^)



tak suka pembuli! eh, betul lah, mcm britney kan? dia kot-,-

myra abdullah said...

betul! benci pembuli.huhuhu