Saturday, November 19

Wish Everyday is a Good day's

today,my classmate also play role as the closes friend at college,AIDA.came visited us (me,fie,mimie and others) at ours practical place.Thanks for coming dear! Actually its not the main agenda she's came to KL, the real reason is for make discussion about report.Almaklumlah,Bile buat ramai-ramai ni banyak ideanya.benda yang tak tahu pun jadi tahu, kan? =)
thanks God cause today my instinct to bring a camera is blessed.haha.Yalah,dieorang ni camwhore giler!
to many ideas to shoot and Dira's became professional photographer today.*Ra,bile mase pulak kau buat part time photographer ni.hihi.KELAS KAU!
Had really great and fun time like this make ourself happy and laughed.When we're missed someone and suddenly she's came even for awhile its really secured.hey,Fina! Aida's missed you alot!*twink-twink..


disturb mimie ^0^ *tengah busy make her wedding dress sambil layan citer hindustan Mohabbatein.

L.O.V.E eeh? ambik semua dapat bau ketiak ','!

<3 lah korang.haha

that all readers,may god bless y'll >,<


Yui Light said...

Hahahaa xD You guys really had some fun there. Awesome!
Yeap, kalau banyak orang memang banyak idea yang muncul. Tak payah la nak fikir sorang-sorang. Kahkahkah xD

myra abdullah said...

hehehe.betul-betul terlampau byk idea.hiiiihhi