Tuesday, November 8

Sweet Memories never last!

Assalamualaikum wbt y'all.
When we're had a brain freezing (OTAK BEKU) with kind a things such assignment,works,project pieces and etc.sometimes,our brain feel like wanna explode and frozen.IF,i can take out this brain.i'll blow it out at the wall and than fix it. (hahaa.it just perumpamaan manusia yang tak sedang alami masalah jiwa.hihi) to me,if brain freezing is happen i'll find my comfortable bed.hihi and lay on it! whooa what a great feeling!
before that,i'd should finish and planned my list for tomorrow.as for not running from the main agenda.my life like a pieces of paper.Need to wrote a sentences,any of that just about work and routine.hurm,sometimes i'm missed love quotes but to who's and from who's?
hihi,thanks god for give me a lot of awareness in this life.To appreciate everyone around me especially the families. At least, their still with me no matter what happened!
'the purpose of life is to live it,to taste experience to the utmost,to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.'
~Eleanor  Roosevelt~

this is some random photos with cousin and friend.


cousin ^-^ sis note.

Love symbol?

wish could have the mannequin!

sweet portrait with Ateen.


SyEraa said...

nice *_*

myra abdullah said...

hehe.thanks ^-^

Ladyulia said...

hey myra
thanks for coming
seems like you have so much fum from your photos :)
by the way I can't promise you to make a sketch for you
because I have lotsa order :)

myra abdullah said...

hey ladyulia,
its okay dear.i'm not going to force you.its up to you.
the important things is the sketch sincerely from you.

Vivid Virginia said...

I love the background on your photos. Such a great photos :)

White Honeyr

myra abdullah said...

thanks dear.sweet memories capture happy photos ^-^

mutianugrabita said...

thanks for your comment hihi you'r so lovelyy kak :)

myra abdullah said...