Monday, October 31

Looks Simple but its actually Harder

Assalamualaikum wbt y'all!!!!

before myra started to babbling.hehe.lets hear this song.^-^

why-why and why time run so practical season is gonna end in a few months and  i'm not satisfied with all i get.Yes,i'm the greedy one! greedy to get knowledge.huh! its not a crimes things right?.
i'd had thinks a lots..about my future,what's gonna happen to me when this practical season end?one thing,that i'm sure is..yes! i'll be in last semester at college and there's a lot fashion pieces that i'll should work it. perhaps,more brain freezing and stress up come in my friends said 'macam tak biase.hihi'
nows,my mind just thinks about this project.which is,its looked like i'm the one who's desperate to make it.haha.this is me.i'd admit some others friends maybe don't take this as a serious things.but to me,i'm serious with every opportunity especially this kind a project.'eh,dok cakap pasal project jer ni..nanti kantoilah.hehe'
actually,myra would like to share with y'll this tips.
its works to me but i dunno neither it'll to you or not.hehe

here some tips to release your stress or yours emotional sponge:

try a series of inhale and exhale cycles to replenish your brain and body with fresh oxygen advice,do it everyday and SEKERAP yang Boleh!

try take your time by make your body perspire.had you heard 'badan yang mengeluarkan peluh adalah badan yang sihat'^-^

learn to listen logically,instead of emotionally.That way,you can help balance out your feelings before being completely overwhelmed.

be grateful for what you have and who knows your optimism may just rub off on ,an actual health benefit.

some pictures while my project 'berjalan'..^-^

saja buat 'sephia color' for makes a bit mysterious elements.haha 'poyoz la kau!'

may god bless y'all and happy reading.=)


Amierah Nabillah said...

this is good advice :) i loike :) hehe.

myra abdullah said...

i grab it in CLEO magazine.
yeaa..sharing is caring right? 6-6