Wednesday, October 19

Its been a while.

salam readers,

its already in sleepy moods right? yuppps!!! myra pun same but i can't sleep until i'd make this entry.hahaa.*boleh pulaak macam tuh.yelah nanti tak boleh tidur and termimpi-mimpi..

after watch Field Trip USA 2 at 8tv,
bercampur baur perasaan ini.wanna know why??? why-why?
cause i'm jealous with that man!! Qi Razali.the Host!!! huwawawaaaaaa...
syoknyer dier!!! travelling USA and meet our people.its it cool??? yeeaah!real cool and fun.
i'm have a dream to study there..there out of Malaysia,over-sea.but its not Langkawi yeaah! cause Langkawi also Over-the-sea right.hahaha .i'd had the chances but i let it stupid am i,right? just because a small hitch.huh?there's no more regret that i should said it.

but,i still have that dream and its will never gone but always alive in my soul. i wanna be there,study, live in different culture,different dishes and people! yes i will!!! *penuh bersemangat ni ^0^ destiny is not for study there but i want live there.maybe?haha
who's know i'll work there.hahaha.yeaaaa like someone gonna hired me as a employee right?
i believe nothing impossible cause we can make it possible!
tidak ada benda yang mudah tapi tidak ada juga yang susah.=)

Everyone have a big chances in the world.that why,wujudnyer 2nd chances ,right?
no one can defeat you except you have 'blah' before fighting. I'd admit,i had through the tough time when everyone around me keep pushed me  and said the bad things about me. JUST because their can't seen me More than them! even just one step forward,a bad mouth will spread the black words.
sometimes it's make me wanna turned back but i'd still remembered word of wisdom from my teachers. Till now,i'd had through the same things but this time.i'm more stronger to keep forward and if i have a doubt,just with Allah swt i'll shared everything cause only to Him i believe !

a sweet message to people who's always 'take care about me' with the other things.
A single words you said to me neither bad or good, i'll say Thank You in my heart.
More words you said about me,more action you'll see from me.^,^ cause dear.i'm not Useless!

'Curi' from Field Trip USA 2 facebook.

happy reading people and have a nice day's.

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