Sunday, October 2

hye,kind Hearted!

salam readers,

this entry dedicated to someone that willing give advices to me.
makes a lots correction in my entry even though i felt ashamed with her.* macam nak masuk muke dalam poket seluar jer.hehehe..
Hey there sweet Angel ! i'd like to say a big ' THANK YOU' to you cause willing came visit my page and shared your knowledge with me.
honestly,i'm not regret to be one of her follower ^-^.
she's Yui the owner of Yui Light 'don't judge a by its mini series' blog.
YUI! you're REAL AWESOME lah! *,* hehe

okay,here's Peninggalan Berharga oleh Yui.hehehe

hehe,myra dah edit balik Entry ini !

note :
if a lots of people concerned  like Yui. For sure, one day's i'll be awesome like Maria Elena and Shea Syahirah.hehe


Umie Artoqiemie said...

yui tu actually cikgu english aku.. english dia macam org london =P

Yui Light said...

O______O wow...hahahhahahah! Weih betul ke ni? hahahaha! Omg...LOL Seriously? =O

Thank you girl but I was just helping. =D It's not a big deal really. ^_^ Thank you again!

Giler la weih! hahahahahahha!!!!! xD

Deema said...

very sweet post, inshallah you girls you always be great friends

Wahida said...

She is awesome kan? And she loves Enya very much like I do too! :D

myra abdullah said...

Umie Artoqiemie: hehe..yeke Umie?untunglah awak.hehe

Yui: ^-^

Deema: thanks,i hope soo..^,^

wahida : yup she is awesome!

Jue said...

Yui tu sifu aku. Aku slalu bguru ngan dia. Pastu sketch dia lawo worr..

myra abdullah said...

woaah..ramai betul student yui.hehe.
sy pun nk jd jugak laah!