Saturday, September 3

why i LOVE vintage..

salam readers,

here,i wanna shared about vintage..
everything haas own meaning,i don't know why i get interest with this picture and i wanna post here.
and suddenly it cross in my mind.hey!!!!

this JAR,not jar of heart okay.hehehe.
it symbolize my dream,can you see there's strips of blinkie paper?
it show my wishes that not fulfill yet and everyday i'm gonna pick one and read it. 

kodak film or camera film,hehehe.
it shows my routine..every film has their own stories.

this is look like ferris wheel right? maybe this type of whistle wheel.hahaha.*pandai-pandai jer kaaaau!
symbolize with my journey in catching the future..ehyeeeh.i catch you YO! colorful future! when i touched the sky i will screaming and feel the fresh air without any worries.insyallah.

this pretty woman,symbolize to person i wanna be.well,...actually.hihihi.who's doesn't want it right?i mean not to be this sexier or tetibe nak bertukar jadi mak saleh and tak sedar diri pula.think postive.please!
shall i say this to her,"can i have your tulle gown?hurmm..instead your chair.haha"

should i end here,the last picture.symbolize to wedding ceremony.insyallah.
its gonna be sweet and bless!

note : it's JUST happened dear!hihihi
picture sources from GOOGLE~thanks!


-apis- said...

what mean by vintage??huhu

myra abdullah said...

do you think??hihihi

-apis- said...

can't think..hehehe

myra abdullah said...

to me laa..hihihi
vintage related with my life,everything i do..i like..mesti ada elements vintage.
but not vintage yg proses buah anggur tu.hihihi.
but vintage of life..
hurmm ^-^

-apis- said...

ok2, dh faham sket..haha

myra abdullah said...

skit jer..its okay.atleast ^-^