Monday, September 26

Why Good Girls mostly Single?

salam readers,

Lets talk about Why Good Girls is Single? aren't their lonely or maybe to choosy.yelaah orang cantik kan?haha.
Refer to my title,a lot's of reasons you can get  from other's blog or websites right.
Good girls doesn't mean.she is Beautiful, pretty,have a hot shape like Miss Universe.
Good girls doesn't mean.she is Clever, Brilliant.
Good girls doesn't mean.she need to wearing a hijab with jubah.

Good girls HERE is
a girls/women/gadis/perempuan & wanita that full with mannerly & tinggi budi bahasa.
also DIGNITY or in Malay is Maruah.
i hope you can catch what i'm trying to write here. Listen people,especially all the girls there.
please..please behave and careful with your own lust,i know this new generation teenagers love trying everything new.but sometimes not all of them you should try.
back to the REASON,

 situation :
1)  I dah Fed Up lah dengan U,lets Break Up!
mostly they tired with this  Lova-lova guys and after that the relationship will end up with disappointed and tears.Serik is the best answers for them and don't want any commitment with nonsenses things.
*tolong makbapak lagi bagus dapat pahala.heee..

2) people around them has show the consequence in relationship.
for example, your best friends had been beaten by his boyfriend or been insulted and the best friend act like fool cow just because sayang sangat at her boyfriend.*what the H......that?
next example,
parent divorce, the mum will say 'your father is the useless man that i have meet and the rest of you don't accept this kind of man for your future.understand!' hatted their own father.
parent divorcing,everyone has their own reason for this situation.

3) Kalau sayang U serah Jiwa Raga kat U kat I okay?
hey what the Fish..with that,it is every relationship need to put SEX on that?mostly the good girl will avoid this risk for 'menjaga maruah keluarga' and maruah mereka juga its Virginity.. this is symptom happen in our community nowdays.just looks around the mall you can see many non muhrim couple hug-hugging,hold-holding hand,kiss pipi kiss mulut semualah nak kiss without any shame .hey-hey man! if you real love with the girl why don't you RESPECT her dignity! you'all nak ker your future wife dah kene pegang sane-sini with others man?
*tepuk dada tangan Selera!

readers and friends,
its doesn't mean,that this entry just for Good Girls but FOR ALL GIRLS!! Tooooo...!
this is the reality, to all man outside there! please respect your girl dignity neither she'll or not become your future wife. remember that! respect is not just a word but act and remind!
to you'all that in relationship.may gob bless your relationship through jinjang pelamin.^-^amen!

random picture,please jgn ambik hati yea!

the pink ninja's

the Red warrior's.

note : i'm sorry if this entry make someone angry or menyentuh sensitivity sesiapa.Mohon ampun,cuma ingin berkongsi ^-^


Umie Artoqiemie said...

kira aku good girls lah ye? keh3..

myra abdullah said...

Umie rase?
Good Girl lah tuh.^-^

Deema said...

Omg I so agree with this post I have no idea why good girls never have good luck in their relationships or with their men or why are they mostly single. I think it's because they have too much demandings

myra abdullah said...

maybe.their have own reason why still single and much demanding.

zulhilmi tempoyak said...

sorry. i cant understand u..haha

most of the girls this day having their parent on their side i think..huhu

myra abdullah said...

yaaa you can't understand.maybe cause you never feel it.
and for your information zulhilmi tempoyak not all good girls have lucky fate like you thinks.
anyway thanks for your comment.