Wednesday, September 14

SENYUM sampai ke Telinga

salam readers,

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today,wednesday right.After back from my practical place,i'm trying to track where's Nuffnang 'berkampung' hihi,Nuffnang office laaah.the place located at Heritage House behind Shelton Imperial Hotel. Tak jauhpun dari Medan mara,so myra straight away to the place cause can't wait to collect the ticket.yeeehaa!

eventhough,today is quiet raining and freezing..
with strong and frugal,cheewaah! myra redah jugak hujan gerimis-gerimis manja ini.
when myra arrived at Heritage House,finding Nuffnang SDN BHD at Level 12B.*naik lif.
1st time i'm here! quiet excited and nervous.
press the cute little white bell yang melekat kat pintu tu and wait a few minute.

the door is opened by one pretty Chinese woman "yes?"
she looked a bit shocked,maybe 'heran dengan myra kot,dah lah pakai baju oren menyala.hihih'
"HI,i came here to collect free ticket from Nuffnang ^-^"
"for what?"
"for SuaraKami concert."
"owwh,come in"

*aaiiyoo,myra forgot to greet her first.huhu.i'm sorry  pretty miss, if miss Syuk know about this i'm gonna get her 'luku' hihihi.anyway Miss Syuk is my English for communication Lecturer and i lOve the way she teaching every topic.

and i get in to Nuffnang office but must shoes off  first yea.*sitting and looking around.
Nuffnang office looks relax and comfortable, in my mind.
she came with a 3 pieces paper,name list and TICKET yooo!
"what's your email?"
"bublelife_19"*looking to the list
"okay,please sign here.are you preferred free sitting or free stand?"
"hurmm,sitting laa"
"okay,here your ticket"
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....dengan tangan terbuka i accept that and "thank you".
she opened door for me and said " enjoy the concert yea "
"i will,thanks."
i'm home with big smile!

see my oily face.and I.LOVE.MY. SNEAKERS.

beg seperjuanganku di Uitm.huhu.see the little teddy,i get it at Lads Dinner.

yeeehaaa..Nuffnang office door.

Note : next time,i wanna join a lot Nuffnang Contest.



wahh best giler...!! hehe..btw beg kamu comei...macam beg saya pergi kuliah..sweet n adorable.. ;)

myra abdullah said...

beg cmtuh ramai yg pakai skrg ni.
especially student kan.^-^

Lelaki Godang said...

header baru style. hehe

Nyamuk Terbang said...

untung la dpt tiket nuff

myra abdullah said...

Lelaki Godang : Thanks,after all my header.yang ini juga berkenan di jiwa.huhu.

Nyamuk Terbang : eyh,nk juga joinlah contest Nuffnang.kalau rezeki dapatla yee..^-^