Thursday, September 22

Seluar Lusuh,koyak,aha.So What?

Assalamualaikum y'all ^_^

last day's i was wearing this lusuh,koyak rabak or .actually this jeans i had kept for a long time,since my secondary school and i bought with my money fund ^,^ .
my mum was asked me to change it, mum don't like her daughter wearing lame clothes or trouser.
"huh! macamlah mak ni tak de beli seluar elok-elok kat ang."
hurmmm..then,my mum order me to thrown out this jeans.hah! i will never do that.
"okay,angah promise tak pakai dah.but let my keep this jeans ya.lagipun this is my treasure laaa.."
i have my own reason for kept this jeans. the reason maybe ntah ape-ape to you'all even though my friends thinks that i'm still hoping to someone.everyone has their own reason,RIGHT?
i'm here today,writing this entry is to share with all blogger friends about this old jeans in my life as a human,girl and friend.
i had bought this jeans at 2006,sorry i cant remember the date.'tak catat pulak dalam dairy time beli jeans ni.'
i call it wiwi jeans just because of the brand name.this jeans had share my happy time with someone although my sad moment.Someone that always be with me in my heart ,willing to wipe my tears and hear my babbling time.never let me feel alone ever we're far away  and always remind me of Allah swt ,he always tried the best to stand our relationship even i know i hurt him a lot.all this is happened in the past but not for now and maybe future.
throughout this relationship be held, i just stick with this jeans and become my favorite stuff.everywhere i'm with him.i will makesure this jeans also with us.*kadang-kadang tak basuh kalau tak kotorlah.^_^
i'm happy for kept this jeans and still can wearing it like the first time. take this as motivate in myself for appreciate every person who's come and leave me.that is destiny,as human we needs to accept with redha'.
believe in Qada and Qadar.insyallah everythings gonna be fine.

see this old jeans still in'good condition' haha.NOT FOR SALE.* yeaa..macamlah ada yang nak beli.haaha.

yeaah,the best friends said  "jeans 2 in one,along with mop lantai"hihihi.
who's say that i'm not jiwe rock?'t judge books by its cover yeaa!myra layan the Beatles and Motley Crue okay and Malaysian rockers juga.haha. 
mostly every person that i met, never and never thought that.their will say,"myra manelah layan hardcore,rock,heavy metal songs and music yang hard-harded ni.die layan yang cintan cintun and jiwang-jiwang jer." huh,why and why,still be question marks! for a long time i'm searching a friends that is a girl not man * huh,kalau lelaki tuh dah ramai sangat.tak seronok!,to share same music interest.finally i got one,its college friends.thank god,i can talk-talked and changes the latest English songs with her.

NOTE : myra minta maaf if this entry ade unsur kepoyooooaan.hihi.


♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Awe you still have this jeans :).So sweet .

myra abdullah said...

thanks izhider.

Umie Artoqiemie said...

aku suka jeans2 lusuh yang pudar2 warna ni.. meamng kegemaran akulah.. style doh..

myra abdullah said...


nik rosmawati said...

entry ni sgt sweet la.

myra abdullah said...

thanks sis.

Mra Mastura said...

cun! mak kte pn xsuke kte pakai suar lusuh2.

poohrist said...

lusuh tu yang unik..
nice entry

Razil Tahir said...

No matter how it looks,
The sentimental values will always make it cooler... :)

myra abdullah said...

yup thanks true..
not matter how's ugly or beautiful it is..
the value behind that..very precious.=D