Friday, September 9

Photoshoot that so siiiiiiooooooooot!

salam readers,
last day,just wanna try shoot my friends photos.
hurmmm..actually myra just a newbie in this photography,so if there anything wrong.i wanna say 'big apologize yea!'
there's a lot i need to learn,pleaseeee...give me advice. but dun't KUTUK tau.saya ni sensitive sikit.
menggunakan diplomasi berhemah adalah cara terbaik yee..

check out all this photo yea!!

ruby and elly,this two gurl memang mempunyai talents yg terpedam just malas nak showing jer.hihi.
anyway them had a really great voice.honestly! TAK TIPU TAU.

both of them giler sporting and easy to deal.korang cakap jer nak pose camner,comfirm dieorang buatnyer.hehehe..even the silly pose.
but myra can't upload laa..dieorang tak kasi.hehehe.

myra pun NAK JUGAK!!
ruby pun pandai capture photo taw!!!

NOTE : pictures describes your feeling!

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