Tuesday, September 27

Periwinkle in you

salam readers,

haven't see a periwinkle flower a.k.a bunga kemunting cina? ---------------------------------------------------------->
and do you know have one big association in Malaysia have used this flower as their logo?
okay,no need to guess..hihihi.let me tell you yeaa..the name of the association is MAKNA a.k.a Majlis Kanser Nasional.

this copy from MAKNA PAGE. please read this! (don't be so lazy.hihihi)

MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional or National Cancer Council) registered under the Register of Societies on 10th November 1994 and Officially launched on 30th March 1995. MAKNA was founded by Dato’Mohd Farid Ariffin. 

MAKNA is a not-for-profit social enterprise mainly tasked to pool and utilise every effort, expertise and financial aid from every fraction of society, and to fight cancer and reduce the related pain, suffering and morbidity that cancer patients and their families often experience.
MAKNA focus areas include:

MAKNA Bursary Program, which is a monetary assistance project providing financially-challenged cancer patients the required support such as treatment cost.

The purchase of cancer-related medication and treatment at the Institut Kanser MAKNA - Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (IKM-PPUKM).

MAKNA Cancer Research (ongoing since 2001) - information, technology and development in finding cure for cancer.

To provide consistent cancer awareness and education programs to educate and promote an understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

Fund-raising Projects.

To raise sufficient funds for cancer-related services to the community.

To provide screening and early diagnostic facilities to enable early detection of cancer.

To source, collate and disseminate cancer information effectively to all levels of society.

To encourage, support and conduct research in basic sciences and clinical research on cancer, which could lead to innovative treatment approaches.

Young Cancer Survivor Scholarship, which aims to support young cancer survivors wishing to further their tertiary studies.

Volunteer Community Outreach Programme, which is useful for building and maintaining civil society, a sphere of organized activities are implemented in raising the quality of life.

Volunteering for MAKNA! - http://makna.org.my/volunteer.asp


When i get 21 years old,i would join this association and be the volunteer! insyallah.semoga Allah swt memberkati niat ku ini,amen! 

to those,that have families member fighting the 
cancer.please-please alert with this! join MAKNA  !  ASAP
(as soon as possible) ^-^

suddenly it reminds me to this two persons:

1st is my great aunt which is has leave us about many years ago, she's the greatest aunt i ever had.she's just like my 2nd mum..*i can't controlling my tears right now! =/
i can't lose this memory in my mind and forever,how's she wiped my tear when i'd really need someone to hugs.she bought me a new cute shoes for eid when i was in kindergarten.always said to me,'belajar pandai-pandai bila besar jadi orang berguna.mengaji dan solat jangan sesekali tinggal.....' ohh really missed her NOW!
for the rest of her life she fight this cancer.. Cervical cancer ,till the end but Allah lebih sayangkan Mak Teh.we're the families send her with love,tears, pray and redha'. let her go to Allah swt.

the 2nd person is Ami Schaheera!.she's one of person that inspired me! inspired me as a woman that fighting cancer. most of woman in Asia is scared, shy or maybe want it to be their own secret but sis Ami real different! she shared with all followers and readers about her journey battling with this disease with smiling writing and faith to Allah swt.
how's cool yea? the spirit in her,give me a lot inspiration and motivation as woman. even though, she needs to find the cure of the illness.she still proofing to us that she can be the best as entrepreneur and fashion blogger that inspired a lot people include me! yes,i admit that!wanna be her as inspired person?find her HERE! i have been followed her for a long time.hehe.

HERE there are beautiful Ami Schaheera!

bila tengok balik sis Ami,teringat my best friend JUEN!
their looks really IRAS laah!

note : if one days,have been fated that i have cancer i wanna be like this two people!

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