Sunday, September 18

LIVE depan MATA!

Assalamualaikum korang!

 wah, day will leave me just in 5 hours.please..please don't left me.huhuhu.
today feel so tired and sleepy maybe because last saturday.Yes it is! because of  my bestie convocation and SuaraKami 2011.
even though exhausted but i'm really having fun,enjoy all performances and my day.when i'm wake up from my bed in my mind just this two important events i should attend.1st event is convocation at PWTC happened around 1.15 am- 5.30 pm.huh! then i need to hurry go to stadium merdeka for SuaraKami.
i'm happy for my bestie,she already graduated but me??huhu next year insyallah and i told her,you should prepare one big bouquet daisy flower for me yea!
then,2nd events is SuaraKami concert. back home and changes my clothes with soo tergopoh gapah.i'm just pick,matched and wear what i thinks will comfort me.huh! *dah 2kali aku mengeluh ini.
for this concert i'm willing do anything for attend it,huhu..thanks god when we arrived there.the gate still full with crowded people.that time actually raining and many people using baju hujan also umbrella.but we.NOTHING.huhu.
huh,i don't want tell you guys about their security management because some of them really make us 'bengang'.
lucky just a few person not all of them.
when the concert started,WOOOOAAAH! its fantastic with all the lighting,speaker and audience screaming! that time,rain and freezes is not a big deal as long we enjoy the performances.
Perhaps,i can see in front of my eyes  our Prime Minister and his wife.waah! Macho lah our PM.haha.
Nelly totally end up the concert with strongly hard screaming for audience.honestly i felt extremely fun and i wanna join it again next year.haha.if i could?

from big screen,ruby on stage.

ruby dah convo huhuhu!

this is my thought about SuaraKami Concert for this year:

1) The stage and audience.* bergegar stadium tuh!.
2) artist performed and dancers instead the costume.
3)Music speaker really awesome!
4) PM turun padang.haha.

1) Security Management- said food and beverage is not allowed* tetibe ada orang luar jual makanan,siap ada yang bawak masuk KFC.ntah ape-ape.
2) Cannot bring Camera and videocam * security cakap,kalau dieorang jumpe nak rampas.tapi it happened sebaliknyer.hurmm.
3) padang lecak and dirt.
4)toilet really smelly!

this ticket i get it from mr nuffnang!
this is take from google ^-^

 stadium merdeka with colourful bolt!*urrgh..just this is i can captured?bencinyer!

that ruby,she still with baju kurung.hehe

finally,myself! yo SuaraKami!

NOTE : sesi bergambar terhad akibat kesesakan manusia!


ieda said...

tahniah dikkk
sempat lagi pi tgk konsert tuuu ..
tapi akak x suke lahh banyak sgt lagu2 moden yg x paham huhuh

myra abdullah said...

bkn myra yang convo la akak.
myra pegi tngok jer.hehe

amirulspurs said...

aha, rugi tak sampat g konsert tu. naseb baik tgh final. aduhh :(

myra abdullah said...

huhu tape amirul..
tahun depan insyallah ade..

Umie Artoqiemie said...

2 in 1 bestnyerrrrrrr...ruby still wearing baju kurung to suara kami? omg.. that really cool ;DD

myra abdullah said...

hehe..YUP! she's really super slumber girl.
that her!ruby..

Lelaki Godang said...

dgr bnyk feedback kata tak best.. tak tahu la. ikut hati masing2 kan. ;)

myra abdullah said...

hehe..yg rase 'tak best' tu maybe dtg sb terpakse kot..hihihi..

mieraS said...

dapat tiket tu tp xdpt g sbb ujan lobat :(

myra abdullah said...

huhu..awat tak gi,
mmg la hujan tapi tak lebat pun..
hehe..ramai yg pakai baju hujan.hihih