Sunday, September 25

Inspiration for Project P

salam readers,
today my off day,i need work hard for finding inspiration and subject matter for my practical has leave 2 month before the due date.i'm not prepare any sketch,designing,pattern making,fabric and colors matches and choosing the right fabric.Furthermore,the report also not touch yet! hurmmm i need work hard started from now~!
all night long,i keep thinking what should be my subject matter also inspiration. i want my masterpieces is simple but show me as designer.huh! its not easy like wearing a clothes,its about everything! if i'd make mistake it will ruin everything.

psssssshhh..please don't judge or thinks that i would made this far cause i not so expert and 'HEBAT' in this clothes making.i'm just newbie in this industry.i'll trying make my best cause this my passion.perhaps i can't wait see masterpieces from my super awesome classmate.most of them inspired me a lot.^-^ proud be part of them.

this is some picture i grab it from googling.maybe inspired me.well i guess you will know what type of clothes that i will made it.

NOTE : hopefully dengan izin Allah SWT my project gonna work!


Mra Mastura said...

wow! suke je design2 ni.mix n match dari semua gambar tu pn bleh. gudluck!

Umie Artoqiemie said...

work hard for it.. ! jyeahhh ^_^ carik kat gak.. mane tau dapat idea.


gud lakk fer ur project ^__^

myra abdullah said...

insyallah thanks everyone ^-^