Sunday, September 18

Contest & Give Away by Ceritera Dieyana

bismillahirahmanirahim and salam readers,

today myra nak buat tagged entry from one of my blogger friends.its cik Ainie,anyway dear thanks for kindly tag me to join this contest.
 i'm quiet excited to join this contest,haha.just because the prizes is shawl!! bertambah-tambah lagilah collection shawl myra nanti.eyh-eyh terperasanlah pula.*macamlah akan menang kan?
okay-okay back to the contest,
this contest from Cik Dieyana,come see her page and her picture.*anyway die memang superb cute.this contest is made for showing her appreciation to all blog followers.hehe,i'm one of them.


suddenly,myra teringat about tutorial shawl yang myra pernah buat last semester.its for my public speaking test.As fashion student,my English lecturer want show to her about long about fashion,so myra decided to make shawl tutorial.who know's she will try it.heheeh.

alang-alang menyelup pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.
alang-alang nak letak gambar shawl kat dalam entry ini,letak sekali tutorialnyer.hehe

all you need is,
1)inner scarf *no matter syria scarf or maysaa inner scarf.hehe.
2) chiffon SHAWL or shawl RM5 tuh.hehe
3) Pin a.k.a jarum peniti
4)BROOCH *yang cute-cute or berkerawang.hehe
that all ^-^

p/s:dalam picture ini muka myra nampak 'lebam' sebab sedang mengalami crisis yang rumit.harap maklum.

 before joined this contest ,ada condition yang perlu di settle kan :
1)buat entry about this contest *done
2)follow her blog and like fan page *done
3)put interesting picture *done
4)letak banner contest *done
5)tag to friends *done,its..Miss Ain and Fiza Yezza
6)link entry *done



terima kasih sebab tag sayaa......... ;)

myra abdullah said...

my pleasure dear!

♥ Cik Nur Elyana ♥ said...

Tq join dear.. Wah.nice.. Sori lambat yer...

myra abdullah said...

HEHE..its ok ^-^

♥ Cik Nur Elyana ♥ said...

Hyep dear.. Yana dtg wat penilaian sekali lagi.. hee.. Gud luck. :)

myra abdullah said...

thanks for dropped by here dear =)