Saturday, September 10

Chillah babe!!

Asalamualaikum y'all.

heyhey happy saturday,wah mesti ramai yang pergi open house right.At KL right now is raining day.SEJUK!! huhuhu

while yang sedang bekerja tuh,remember 'works comes first'.bukan hape its just for your own right.
haaa pagi tadi siapa tengok 8tv ,BATTLEGROUND EARTH. LUDACRIS vs. TOMMY LEE challenges hip hop superstar Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and rock god Tommy Lee 
best wooook! this two group fight-fight ada dirty fight and clean fight.hehehe betul ke ayat myra tuh! but its good to our earth cause their spend a lot of energy to collect bertan-tan of junk mail. Their go to many places just to contributes for our earth,save the trees for our future great if can be part of them!*berangan lah kaaaau!
apepon myra tak sokong tommy lee ker atau Ludacris.myra just sokong kempen dieorang jer ^-^

this review sikitlah.more information tengok kt 8TV.

hurm..hari ini mak myra buat makan-makan for my lil sis friends,huuuhu.sorry for not invite geng-geng bloggers.
rumah myra tak besar,nanti tak cukup pulak space korang nak duduk.huhu.
actually its been two day's i'm waited my best friend merangkap my roomate to back home.then,she back but in hurry condition.hurry to move from my house..yeaaa..i'm quiet disappointed about this but who're me to prevent her.maybe she not comfortable with my house.who know..just she know the answer.
hurmmm...sorry korang myra just wanna share here.huawawawaaa..MYRA!! tak nak nangisssssss!!
*be strong girl!! think positive and move on!

okaylah peeps..enjoy your day's.myra will continue blogging with blogwalking at yours.hehehe..
to all yang rajin tinggal jejak di shoutbox and comment.thanks a lot.korang memang BEST laah!!!

NOTE : Love in friendship is different that love your man!


zulhilmi.tempoyak said...

what ever it is...

always b me...

erkk...mcm kne ngena je kn..;p

zulhilmi.tempoyak said...




myra abdullah said...

always be you..
that mean..
happy like u?

insyallah i will ^-^