Friday, September 2

Believe in YOU~happy!

salam readers,
how's your felling today?better...happy or nothing! every moments our mood or feeling can be change right?do we asking for that? like.."hey!! can you give me HAPPY". someone will say"sure i can".the question now,its that the 'HAPPY' feeling you give will everlasting?or should i buy that,its that feeling can be sold on market or mall.ooh if 'yes' i wanna buy one cause i really wanna feel that.huh!why everyone keep asking happiness from........whatever?why don't you asking at HIM our creator.

same with any situation,tragedy,moments or destiny.DO WE ASK FOR THAT? for me i'm believe in Qada' and Qadar.i had a few friends that always...always..said like this " adat lah tuh.KARMA,bila dieorang dah rasa dieorang nak jugak korang rasa " hurmm,actually i used to said that before but when i refer it with someone that knowledgeable and experience also pious.just one paragraph he said " rujuklah kamu dengan Allah swt & Al Quran ,kerana di situ ada jawapannya" masyallah..

That al-qadar is Allah’s plan for His creation.What He has shown us of it, we know and believe in, and what He has hidden from us, we accept and believe in. We do not dispute with Allah concerning His actions and rulings with our limited minds and comprehension, rather we believe in Allah’s complete justice and wisdom, and that He is not to be asked about what He does, may He be glorified and praised.insyallah.

alhamdulilah..i hope all the readers will not the same things,but who're me to say this but i'm here just wanna share own opinion and my view.its not crime to shared right?

for me,i will find happiness such spent time with there we're belong's.i find a lot things,loooottt....things that beautiful and reminds me to creator.*wondering,how all this can be created perfectly and giving benefit to human life.

NOTE : everything created beautifully include YOU!


Deeyaudeen Sabri said...

waaaa.. ktne ni? kmpung eh ? :) cntik !

myra abdullah said...

yup!! kampunglah..chantekkan.
still terpelihara taw..

-apis- said...

nice scene

myra abdullah said...

thanks yea apis ^-^