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hey i get tagged by one of my friend!
izhider her name~she always comment my entries..thanks ya dear!

Available: hehe..depends,50/50 % *hahaa..if ade 'jodoh'
– Age:i gonna 20 years old this december!
– Animals: LIKED IT! especially cute mute such as RABBIT,HAMSTER,PENGUIN,PONY and etc..

– Best friends: i love THEM! ~ their use like my own sibling! HEY BUDDIES~I LEBIU!  
– Body Part on opposite sex:  hurmm, i like see man with narrow eyes.their look like Chinese or Korean even   though their not.  
Best feeling in the world:   when you can breath in fresh air and smiling 
– Best weather:    i do love autumn,but in Malaysia just 'hot day & rainy day' i hope i will feel 4 season other country.*insyallah,grateful live in Malaysia.

– Been in Love:  nope!  
Been on stage: maybe,later...
– Believe in Magic:  yup~when i was in kindergarten.raise with fairytales.but now,only believed in ALLAH SWT magis. 
– Believe in Santa:  hurmm..when i was kindergarten too..but santa is CUTE right.hehe
– Brand:   anything~i'm not so demand in this issue.. 

Candy:  sweet and colorful
– Color:Yellow,Purple,White *i love any bright color , RAINBOW color!
– Chocolate/Vanilla:Vanilla,favorite flavor!
- Chinese/Indian/Italian: MALAY! Hehe..
- Cake or pie: BOTH!
– Cheese: In a burger! double cheese burger,MCDONALD!

Day or Night: both,day is working time.night is rest time!
– Dancing in the rain: always make it alone,i wish i will dancing with somebody one day.

Eyes:  brown and not so large*haha.. 
– Ever failed a class: nope,i love attend classes.eventhough i don't love the teacher/lecturer. 
– Enemies: i don't know..hopefully don't have.
– Exercise: hehe,i like jogging.but its had been a years i'm not doing it!

– First thoughts waking up: what time now?? time!! 
– Food: Love them especially my mother dishes.*best in the world!

– Greatest Fear: having presentation in front lecturer *nervous time! 
– Get along with your parents: i will when i have time!!* also them,,so busy...huhu

– Hair Color: black brown
– Happy: yup!! because live in moderation and everyone i love.*families  
– Holiday:  PARIS!! oowh i adore paris!! other places,SINGAPORE and ITALY!

– Ice Cream:  Yummy!!! i want it~~ double..triple layer! 

– Jewelry: woman accessories,maybe asset in future*my mum said it will more precious when you getting old (GOLD) 
– Job: insyallah,in fashion or art industries.*my dream!  

– Kids:  TWIN! 
– Kickboxing or karate: kickboxing!! yeaah! punch bags wait for me.   
– Keep a journal: yes,always..

– Love:  its beautiful, with love know's the creator (ALLAH SWT)..with love know's the prophet (Rasulullah  a.s) ....too many!
– Laughed so hard you cried: once! when with friends.GOSSIP...*hish,tak baik!   
- Milk flavor: delicious!!  
– Movies: too many scenes...i hate tragic part!
– Motion sickness: migrain!

– Number:   2 & 8

– One wish:  i wanna be a righteous woman,wife and daughter! *please pray for me.

Perfect Pizza:  hawaaaiian pizzahut
– Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi! 
– Perfume/Cologne: Perfume!ETP ,ETT is okay!

– Quail: hah?quail is cute..the eggs also..*sedap buat gulai!

– Reason to cry:  Hurt/my mum blame on me/regret/my best friends lie on me!
– Reality T.V: Project runway!
– Radio Station: ERA FM,KLASIK FM &HOT FM* klasik fm tuh,please don't laugh because i love classic songs.

– Song: too many..huh!  
– Shoe size:  38/39 depend on shoe pattern.sometimes can be 36!
– Salad Dressing: with fruit!
– Skinny dip:done!! but not always..
– Strawberries/Blueberries : all berries i like it! 
– Sport: badminton and basket ball.* i wanna try tennis. 
- Sex: when get marry!  *please don't be flirt yea..

Tattoos: hurrmm..don't like.but the art is awesome! 
– Thunderstorms: its sign from god~ so be quiet and pray.haha. 

– Unpredictable:yes,maybe...sometimes *already showed! 


– Vacation spot(s): Malaysian island!   

– Weakness: sensitive!! *its my feeling actually.   
– Who makes you laugh the most:P: comedy!! any types of comedy but not porn types.  
– Worst Weather: HOT & DRY    

– X-Rays:  when i need make medical check up for entering college.its past year,maybe?

-Year it is now:2011.. 
-Yellow: LOOOOOOOVE!~ I don't care if my friends said "silau...silau..or sakit mata.

      Zoo animal: some is cute and beautiful..others like reptile is scary!

note: so tired make this tagged! feel wanna sleep..krong..krooong!!


♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Glad to see your answers .You are very sweet:).

myra abdullah said...

thanks izdiher ^-^