Tuesday, August 2

Music in my life~when in secondary school

salam readers,
today i want continue my entry music in my life~when in kindergarten.well,actually i tried remember my favourite music when i in primary school but still 'no answer' too many memories should i memorize. wah! sejak bile aku dah tue nie??.now,i wanna share my favourite music when in secondary school.there's a lot of songs that i really damn liked neither in english or malay! but i'll show you what i liked most and i still keep it the songs in my laptop and handphone.

* NEVER SAY GOODBYE ~mario and nesty OST my girl

if you are Korean admirer,this drama's must included on your list! this drama 'best sangat' my heart melting when looked at the actor~~so...sooooo handsome! haha,yaww now i became gedik one! this song symbolize my friendship between Naz,Elly,Bie,Fay and Mar.which is there my schoolmates and we had meet in choir group.our friendship really close and insyallah till the end.the words 'never say goodbye' meaning we're not leave each other no matter what! 

*SEASON IN THE SUN ~westlife

this songs to me really touched my little tiny heart,it describe what i felt.the lyrics got the real means,it happened to someone life.with this songs,i learn to appreciate people around me.especially the closer one

*FLY~hillary duff

i love the words 'trust yourself and don't give up you know you better than anyone else'
when i felt like want felt down in everything,this song give me spirit words and it bring me up!
any moment..everything can change...


this song have sentimental value to someone that had come in my life. this song is our favorite song and i will keep it till the end to show how's i appreciated him for become someone in my heart neither it just a while.

next entry,i will make a list my favorite songs when in campus life! see ya!!

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