Wednesday, August 3

Music in my life~when in college!

hey,i wanna continue my entry music in my life when in secondary school tuhh! i had told you i wanna make a list  right? so here are the list! but the end i will select top 3 my superb songs 'wajib' i heard everyday! hurmm..before that,give me time ( actually saya tak mandi lagi sejak bile kerja tadi,huhu.)

after 30 minutes..

okey i'm done!! huhu *,*

i am once more-zee avi
bitter heart-zee avi
time to love (TTL) -t ara feat supernova
brick by boring-paramore
nobody (english version)-wondergirl
fireflies-owl city
last night-puff daddy
lucky-jason mraz feat colbie cailat
i do-colbie cailat
big girl don't cry-fergie
capital E-bittersweet
airplane-hayley feat B.OB
who says-selena gomez
a year without rain-selena gomez
the lonely-christina perri
jar of heary-christina perri
one in million-ne yo
lalaland-demi lavato
vanilla twilight-owl city
mine-taylor swift
perfect two-auburn
fly away-ariana dvornik
if i die young-band perry
abracadabra-brown eyes girls
grenade-bruno mars
just the way you are-bruno mars

waahh! enough laa..(terover pulak saye ney) ^-^
okay here is my top 3 favorite songs!

*top 3
the lonely-christina perry

*top 2
who says-selena gomez

*top 1
Time to love -t ara feat supernova

enjoy it peeps!!

note: this is my favorite songs it doesn't matter the songs is mine but it also yours..we should be thankful to the person who had create the lyrics and not forgotten to the singer.
for me,it will take the 'positive means' by 'negative words'.

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