Tuesday, August 16


salam readers,
it had been 2 days not update any entry's for my blog.YAWW! i really missed with my cute-mutie baby.
hehe..not so busy actually,i'm just looked around all the blog i had followed.last night watching two movie,1st Harry potter and the deathly hallow 2 & RANGO~the sheriff lizard,yeaa..finding a water for life survived!

one in million-najwalatif version

in love with this song,
hey..hey..korang tahu tak 'tutti fruitti frozen yogurt restaurant'! WooW ! giler delicioussoooo..ice creamnyer!
waaarghhh! Fancy toping! i like it...LIKE...LIKE...till get dream on it.
the new outlet is at SETAPAK near with uptown danau kota.come visit tutti fruit you will never regret!
i want more..want more..*sudah gilaa....
after,menyudahkan nafsu di tutti fruitti..me and bff check in at danau kota uptown.seeing around.ushar-ushar cuci mata

that me! look my face.i'm fascinated with this ice cream. rase macam nak MELEKAT jer punggung kat situ!

my bff.bie,with chocolate flavor ice cream and her fancy toping.love the strawberries!

p/s:: dearest readers,that still not taste this ice cream..CEPAT-CEPAT pergi rasa.comfirm tak nyesal lah!!


♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Cool post .
I also want to watch Rango.
You have been tagged by me in my post "A-Z".

myra abdullah said...

tutti fruitt is cool izhider!
owwh..thanks =)

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

So cool :).Always favorite .

Would love to see your answers on A-Z tagged :).