Wednesday, August 24

i don't want you but i want her!

this morning,after sent my mum i can see gloomy morning..everyone rushing to kerete dengan cara dieorang,yang membonceng pun apa kurangnyer.

salam readers,

mood :UPSET
[noun] an unhappy and worried mental state; "there was too much anger and disturbance"; "she didn't realize the upset she caused me" from online dictionary.

from yesterday lagi,myra upset with person i used to love always.
people always said :people change by day's..the different is neither good or bad.
i was really worries about you,but you seem take this so easy..
i cant advice,cant say it will trying change a used like i'm the monster trying talk with human!
i have been thinking about this started you meet someone.someone that you this will make all your messed up will clean just like clicking your finger.
dear,nothing can make it better except you pray and hope with ALLAH swt.
why you always believed with someone like him,relationship is not easy like you think.the real man will not touched you until you 'halal' to be touched by him.but he will respect you and treat you as a real women.but it's NOT,right?
i know,this is kind of normal to all couple outside there making 'ringan-ringan'lah and what so ever!,but i don't want you become like them.deep inside,i always pray that you will meet someone better.
we're women with dignity,why must we play with that!
it seem like you never care about that anymore. you had set your priority straight. unfortunately, it’s without me in the list. Even for you to tell the whole truth to your own decedents seems too hard for you. 
dear i'm sorry if i had overreact with all this.i don't want be the 'FRIEND' JUST with name.

sahabat,tahulah kamu bahawa..
setiap persahabatan adalah ikatan..
ia bukannya sekadar ikatan yang longgar..
tapi andai kau longgarkannya usah kau gelarnya persahabatan
sahabat yang cuba menlonggarkan ikatan persahabatan bukanlah seseorang yang bergelar sahabat.
aku tak mahu kau menjadi seperti itu. 

dear,i hope all this gonna end here.
if you choose to continue this drama's..i'm finish here.i cant pretending anymore! just do like you wish.

note: friendship will broke just with one words.