Wednesday, August 10

Entry 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.


woowaaaa!! its BERAT ni..hehehe..almaklum dah status 'single' for a long time bab-bab date-dating is totally  cloudy and i don't want thinks anymore.

hurmm..but for this entry i willing to share about what inspired a perfect first date for me
i'm gonna make TWO VERSION
1ST is before Married ~ in relationship
2ND is after Married ~ HALAL!


1) before Married
 have a lunch at cafe.if i'm lucky,the man gonna give me a bouquet of roses or daisy!huhu (just dreaming)
going play bowling or watching concert.

woow,beautiful cafe! but makesure both are not alone..BUKAN MUHRIM,sedor tuh!

2) after Married
spending time at private garden or having candle light dinner at romantic restaurant .

like this,only when its time!

 Talk ABOUT..
1) before Married
talk about interest..funniest moments and know each other background,NEVER talk about politic and gossips!

2) after Married
talk about our  love story,future life,future children,what we gonna make's when our age is 50 years romantic situation.NO awkward!

 who's gona pay for the spending or 'keluar duit'
1) before Married
Of Course lah!! THE MAN!!..hey its not sweet la if the girlfriend yang keluar duit.

2) after Married
Depends on situation..if both like to share for paying *why not? but if not..for sure the leaderman/husband should be ready your money!

1)before Married
i'm gonna wear something sweet,comfortable but simple.the makeup should be natural look.

here's some example what i'm gonna wear* cute right!

2) after Married
i'm gonna wear dress or clothes and colours that he love.


 Taking PICTURE!! (absolutely!!)
1)before Married
simple pose!

picture yang simple jer but sweet! enough for memories.

2) after Married
hehe..i'm gonna make a photo album of the day's..(over pulak myra ni!)

aceceh~~ so sweet,dah kawen boleh la pegang ker,peluk ker..hihihi.

ermm,i think enough for today.i'm going to sleep now..
whatever it is,i'm enjoy doing this entry! it remind me about something beautiful in relationship.
hopefully one day ALLAH SWT will meet me with someone who's belong to me.amin ya rabbalamin.

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