Saturday, August 27

PHOTOGRAPHY : blooming for raye!

salam readers,

lately i'm busy...busy with sewing machine.making my families clothes for raye.
alhamdulilah its,time for deco my house.this year our theme color is BLUE,the whole things gonna be in blue.*actually not at all.hihi.

i'm quiet excited for this year preparation,hurmm..maybe because this year for the 1st time our family gonna take family portrait.insyallah. furthermore, we're gonna celebrate 1st day EID at here! KUALA LUMPUR a.k.a. my home.last year,EID at my village..hurmm,with all the sanak saudara.NO family eldest brother not wit us,he is here..busy with work( workaholic la konon,huh!).

hey..hey,i'm more better now!! thankful to ALLAH swt because accepted my dua.
the symptom yang melanda myra had been 100 % secure! what kind of symptom?its HERE.haha.

all shrubs and flowers trees around my house had blooming beautifully!
*my mum said "mak letak baja lebih tuh" hihihi
well,MAYBE ~ sebelum ini berpeket-peket mak tuang tak pulak berbunge yeh..

i thinks,all this plants is happy and can't wait to celebrate this EIDUL while we're fighting in fasting month. 
the CREATOR had make this things happen nicely and beautiful.just,we're as human..NEVER REALIZE that!

lets "cuci mata" with this photo.* moge-moge bersihlah mata tuh.hehe

note : i thinks after this my blog gonna be photoblog..hihi.

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