Wednesday, August 24


salam readers,

hah! kenal tak AINAN TASNEEM??

well, she's the newbie in Youtube talents like NAJWA LATIF.
playing to sing.. make video's and straightly upload to youtube.
not only that, she's Engineering!! excellent!
moreover,she's pretty loorh! toinnk..tooiink!

myra started know this sweet and beautiful girl in you tube.
i love to survey new video's or youtubing!..then i found her! get interest to listen her voice and watching her performed.
the 1st verb out from my mouth is "AWESOME"

and myra wondering who'r she really is??
then i started stalk her..hihi..
she had more 30000 fan at facebook!
here, AINAN TASNEEM'S PAGE come like her page!!
this girl gonna make new phenomena in music industry just like YUNA and NajwaLatif.
after this 'ramailah gadis-gadis nak buat Vlog macam dieorang ni" by the way,Do not steal stars identity but make it reality with your talents.

here! the ORIGINAL song title"AKU SUKA DIA" ~ 'i like him'?by AINAN TASNEEM.

my hope one day,she will make video clip for her songs and spreads her talent to Malaysian music industry.

cute right?
NOTE : proud to say because now days hijjabers women dare 'tunjuk taring' shows  talents to the world without any boundaries and obstruction.YEAH! girl power!

photo sources from ainan tasnem facebook fan page.

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