Monday, July 11

To the light!

salam readers,
hey happy Monday? or sad Monday?
dream..lets talk about dream!!
dream have many categories,

Clarification Dream~its provides insight into your experience of a current or past situation.
Orang-orang lame said,this dream happened because you always thinking and remembered to your 
past situation

Interaction Dream~involves contact with another person, often a loved one who has passed...
otherwise,this dream comes when you lose someone or missed someone.

Message Dream ~contains information from a source outside of yourself.
hurm,this kind of 'petanda'what will happen to you.Maybe?

Premonition Dream ~predicts or gives some indication of actual future event.
this dream,such as want you to feel 'tempias-tempias' the event or maybe your future plan.

Timeline Dream~presents a sequence of events or elements from a portion of your life
its about your life timeline,just sometimes we don't take seriously about this dream.

Symbolic dream~contains symbolism when one or more key elements, or symbols.
haven't you had dream, suddenly appear a ring or maybe clothes. some people said,if your dream appear a ring its means someone gonna purpose you.Maybe?

Toxic Dream~usually a very realistic, upsetting dream that is most likely to occur.
i think this kind of dream that you hated most right? who want get this dream its gonna spoil our morning wakeup.

p/s:whatever it is,believe in yourself and let it to ALLAH SWT.insyallah.

this my dreams,to share everything with someone in future,hehehe.

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ahmad endo said...

tak payah sedih2 ow...hehehe

Anonymous said...

waiting for next post

myra abdullah said...

hehe..tadelarh sedih sgt..
huhuu ^-^