Saturday, July 30

this biscuits reminds me to you.

salam reader,
Yee-aa..this my breakfast today,oat crunch.delicious and satisfied. when i looked at the label,it remind me to someone.(bukan boyfriend tau! but friend) he's my friend at uitm,now he still there untuk meneruskan perjuangan.friend that i can be hope and trusted,i like the way he bring up big talent that he first glimpse,"eeyh,he looked like Harry Potter.Ouuch! damn cute!" i prefer to call him 'Pipiey', i don't no why?but the nickname looks matched with he's characters.

5 things i happy be to know 'pipiey'
*awesome in designing*
*teror main gitar tuh*

this is the man, 'pipiey' and his best friend 'juwe'.both really damn good guys!! their never changes,still with 'ROCK life' ~go babeyh!! dieorang ini memang giler hardcore and rocker malaya lah!

please don't fall in love with him,nanti ada orang marah pulak! *,* twink-twink!

this some conversation between us at facebook,he's comment my 'ugly picture' ^-^!. i love new nickname he gave for me,is ..myra mysteriletto!! (suke hati jer) than he get new nickname from munchies! sweet kan ,that why! when i eat munchies cookies it remind me to him.

note : mempunyai seorang teman yang menghargai lebih baik dari seribu kawan yang mementingkan diri sendiri.

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