Saturday, July 23


today! saturday..still work on mind at home,well actually waiting for this korean drama.from my practical place i drive and keep drive.(if i can fly away like a birds,i can avoid traffic jams everyday.huh!)
for you Marry me Mary!
can't i turn it to..Marry me Myra! ^-^

i love the actress,her baby face just like my best friend (bie). the mu gyul,cute guy!!
hey,why every love story (korean version) 'mesti BEST'.or maybe because of the actors and actress?
haven't see Full House~the story really awesome and superb,how's a superstar can fallin love with a ordinary girl.too many korean drama that i had seen,such as 100 day's with mr arrogant,windstruck,my sassy girl chunyang,princess hour,my boyfriend type b and etc.
if you realize or not,watching this kind of stories give us fantasy feeling in love.moroever,it will good example in relationship ( take the positive things okay! ),sometimes one or more scenes had happened to us.

"wahai anak-anak ku sayang! layan-layan juga citer korea ini tapi jangan sampai terbawa ke luar.sorang pi buat karangan BM pasal cerite korea,yang sorang lagi dok download kat tenet "
that my mum babbler.

i get LIKE with all this picture.Googling picture!


♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

I love the female actor but guy actor is ok.

myra abdullah said...

huhu..the actress,she's cute right!

phoged (dk4me) said...

suker 3,3.. hero suker.. heroin dia pn suka~~~

myra abdullah said...