Friday, July 15

Its been a week.

salam,yeah,its a week..and gonna be too many week in my life.weeks of interns time.
my first day,awkward.(its the best word to say).then,my employer said one of us need to transfer to next boutique.aaaiyoo!that mean me and fie need to separate.its okay for me but for fie i don't know?we decide,i will go to another boutique,its okay for me at least i had know many people new employer prefer to call her 'acik' and i love it! our relationship its like daughter and mother. honestly,my decision to transfer its correct .alhamdulilah.

see the red kebaya~its look like the red queen at alice in wonderland but in version Malaysian traditional.

p/s:i love rainbow shawl!  its rise up my day!


vicen said...

Hi Myra, can indicate URLs of photos to LOOK 10?.

myra abdullah said...

sure!! where should i put my URL photos?
send it to your email?