Tuesday, July 5

Easy Facial!

Hello everyone!
today me and my roomate "BIE" make a facial treatment!
its really simple and easy to do!
the ingredient is mashed tomato, slices cucumber  and a 'limau purut or lemon'

bie likes put a lot of cucumber at her face,so put a lot..hihihi

1st step
squeeze lime juice and apply at T-zone and around your face.don't forget at your neck too..
it can reduce your 'DAKI'
then, let it dry in a few minute.

2nd step
apply mashed tomato around the face.
for best result,my advice massage your face for make your skin feel relax and breath.
the balance of mashed tomaato,put around your face like mask!

3th step
put slices of cucumber at your eye.
and let it dry an half hour or 20 minutes.


hehee..your face will smooth and beautiful. Insyallah..

~not false to try it..and not crime to be beautiful..