Saturday, July 9

be happy,sis!

 salam reader,
when its time people will meet her/him soulmate right?
do you think when its your time?
right now?
next week?
maybe next year?
my heart felt blooming when looked the smiling face around the wedding,its such a wonderful moment for the bride and the groom. with the bless from parents.its makes day become precious!
every women want this moment happen  in their life,but not every woman lucky to have 'perfect soulmate'.
for me and for right now,i'm just happy for every person around me when their had this moment.hopefully their love will happily ever after cause i don't want thinking about love,i just want it comes naturally!

here there the gift~ just sincerely from me and family for the bride.

i borrow my mother handbag~its really cute right!


Aerol Hafiezi said...

pandai glew kau speaking. ..ajar lr aku t :/

myra abdullah said...

tade lar..biase jer..try bykkan bce novel english or paper in english.insyallah its works!

zarazueyin said...

singgah sini,
nice wedding :)

myra abdullah said...

wsalam,zarazueyin ^-^
yup really nice and beautiful wedding.tq yea!